MIS209 Introduction to Management Science

About The Course

This is a study of Management Science (MS) approaches in organization. You will gain an understanding of modeling and rational approaches to decision making and their contribution to organizational effectiveness. Analysis and communication are emphasized by using real world applications and cases. Topics include linear programming (LP), integer programming (ILP), transportation and assignment problems, network models (eg. maximal flow problems), project management, queuing models, simulation and decision analysis applied to tactical and strategic business decisions in functional areas and interfaces among these areas. Implementation using existing software packages of decision models to solve various managerial problems is an integrated part of this course.


Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Develop analytical skills in structuring and analysis (scientific method) of business decision problems which characterize the field of Management Science.
  • Develop awareness of the complementary nature of the rational and behavioral approaches to decision making and planning.
  • Understand usefulness and limitation of selected Management Science techniques to find solutions to analytical models.
  • Use software to generate computer solutions of the models.
  • Learn, through case studies, the applications of Management Science to find solutions to real life business problems including those in global environment.
  • Demonstrate skills in communicating the analysis and results of business decision problems and to work as a member of a team.
  • Use the knowledge gained from this course to continue life-long learning in decision technologies to aid business decision making and planning.

You can also measure your overall performance according to the Evaluation System by Letter.





  • Balakrishnan, N., B. Render, and R. M. Stair Jr. 2007. Managerial Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Incorporated. ISBN: 013226806X.
  • Introduction to Operations Research 8th Ed., McGraw-Hill, 2005, by Hillier, F.S., Lieberman, G.J., ISBN-13 9780073211145.
  • Applied Management Science: Modeling, Spreadsheet Analysis, and Communication for Decision Making, 2nd Edition, John A. Lawrence, Jr., Barry A. Pasternack, ISBN-13: 9780471391906.
  • Yöneylem Araştırması: İşletmecilik Uygulamalı Bilgisayar Destekli Modelleme, 2nd Edition, Siyasal Kitabevi, 2007, Aydın Ulucan, ISBN: 9756325118.


We will use R to gain a good "hands-on" experience on concepts and techniques used in this course. These experimentations will enhance your understanding of the technical concepts covered in this course. However, MS Excel will be introduced by the textbook. So you can choose one of these (or both) to use in this course.


Lecture slides will be followed up on the course schedule at the bottom of this page.


Short URL 1: http://j.mp/QQ209

Short URL 2: http://goo.gl/Y3M6oG

URL: http://hkilter.com/index.php?title=MIS209_Introduction_to_Management_Science




There will be several assignments during the semester, and you will receive credit for simply completing them correctly. All information about yourself should be placed top-right corner of the assignment paper. Cover page should not be used. Recycled paper, and used paper are welcome.


The quizzes may cover any material discussed in class or assigned in the text. The quiz will be given at the end of class. There will no make-up quiz.


Your examinations are 1.5-hour duration, closed-book, closed-notes. However, I may add a formulation/help/summary sheet to the examination question paper. Please, bring in a scientific calculator when taking your examinations. Devices are not permitted other than a calculator.

The exams are not in any particular format so expect both standard numerical problem solving and conceptual type questions. The exams will test your understanding of the material covered in this course. The main objective is to find out how reflective you are in answering the questions correctly, subject to a limited time constraint.

Exam papers will be available to check for 5 days following the announcement of exam points. Please check your exam paper.


You have a responsibility to yourselves, your fellow classmates, and me, as an instructor, to come prepared and to participate in classroom discussions. You are responsible for all material presented in class whether or not they are presented. This material includes the lectures and discussions.

Cheating of any type will not be tolerated. Anyone caught plagiarizing, copying from other students, or allowing others to copy his or her work will receive a grade of "0" on the relevant assignment, quiz, or exam. In certain cases additional penalties may be applied as provided by university regulations.



Week Title Reading Assignment Quiz Slide
1 Course Introduction
2 Introduction to Management Science Chapter 1 +
3 An Introduction to Linear Programming Chapter 2
4 Sensitivity Analysis and Interpretation of Solution
Solving LP Models: R and SageMath
Chapter 3 +
5 Introduction to Distribution and Network Models
Transportation Problem
Assignment Problem
Chapter 6
6 Transshipment Problem
Shortest-Route Problem
Maximal Flow Problem
Integer Linear Programming
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
8 Project Scheduling Fundamentals
Chapter 9
Chapter 9
10 Waiting Line Models and Fundamentals
Basic Queueing Models
Chapter 11
11 Queueing Analysis Chapter 11
12 Simulation Fundamentals Chapter 12
13 Simulation Analysis Chapter 12
14 Decision Analysis Chapter 13

About the Midterm Exam


This part is dedicated to students' feedback about the midterm exam. There is no correction or change, you can find comments below as they are.


This lecture require the really much effort.

It is really hard.


This exam was bad for me. In the class and my home, I tried to understand this course but I can not because this course is so difficult. I am so sorry for your told about this course.


Thank you so much for this lessons. The course is really interesting. Unfortunately I can not create formulas without any help, because of lack of practise. It would be better if we will practise more during the lessons.

Sorry for my bad work on this paper.

Sincerely your student,

Name and Surname


Sir, thanks to your Bonus Question

But this exam is a hard a bit. Sorry ;)


Teacher, I love this subject and its very interesting but I wish we could have solved some more questions in class. And please consider giving us some points for trying.


The professor gave precise and helpful information though out each of his lecture.


Didn't have time to write smt, sorry.


Very hard exam.

Thank you =)


Çok güzel çalışmıştım ama sınav kağıdına aktaramadım.

Hemde hiçbir şey. Teşekkürler :)


Hocam gördüğünüz üzere soruları çözmekte epey zorlandım :) Bu soruları daha sonra sınıfta ya da ofis saatinde çözebilir misiniz? finalde de zorlanmamak için soruların mantığını ve nasıl çözüldüğünü anlamalıyım.


We should work, more. I think, we will meet in next year.


Please make it easier for the finals!

Pleeease! and please give us extra time, it's not sufficient.


Severus Snape: "Always"

I solved many questions from the book and homeworks but I couldn't solve in this exam.


Questions are so so. (Not hard not easy)

But exam is complex.




Dear Valuable Lecturer; I wish we could more come across with kind of questions that we deal with during class. Especially the slides given before. Eventhough i studied from textbook questions more difficult. But thanks for everything.


Teacher I can't understand lesson. Because of verimlilik. We are so crowded and the saloon is very tiny. I can't come early so I always been in behind. So I couldn't hear teacher. I know, it is too late but I want to ask this question: "Can you divide department and change the class?"


Değerli Hocam,

Dersiniz çok kalabalık oluyor, konferans salonunda zaten havalandırma yok o yüzden iyice bunalıyoruz. Arka tarafta kalanlar dersten kopuyor. Düzgün bir tahtamızın bile olmayışı ayrı bir sıkıntı. Keşke bu dersi daha az kişiyle normal sınıflarda işlesek ve bizde daha iyi öğrenebilsek. Biliyorum sizlik bir durum değil fakat benim gördüğüm sıkıntılar bunlar.



My fingers are broken two week ago and I didn't come to lessons and I couldn't worked this chapters. I don't have any idea this exam and questions if I was ridicioulus

sorry! :)


Now, I did nothing in the exam. Maybe you don't obey my ideas. But, really this course is so difficult to understand and this exam is really so hard.

Please, only look at the number of student who failed this course from the last year. So, it shoul be easier...


Professor, I like this course and my opinion is that positive way. I think this exam difficult, I mean they are not the same problems which I solved. May be they are complex for me. I want to be better. Before this exam, I think I can do this exam but now it is not enough.

Thanks for your efforts and sorry my this situation.


hard questions.  

About the Final Exam

Lets talk about something about you: Üniversite öğrencilerine açık mektup - D. Kökdemir, 2000. [1]


This part is dedicated to students' feedback about the final exam. There is no correction or change, you can find comments below as they are.

1. ilter - Cevapladığı tüm sorular doğru olan bir öğrenci:

Çok ama çok çalışmıştım ama yine olmadı :(


life is hard but your exams are harder than that.


Dear Proffessor, I hope that all we read your questions again and again but we can not also understand these. If we didn't solve these, you know the cause :) have a nice day.

Sincerely :)


This's mine second time in this course, your and another prof type is so different. This's more important to use brain not just do mathematical transaction.


The questions are so hard than what you teach in class!!!

consider my workouts!!


Your exam questions are really good questions, but we don't have enough practice, so you may send to us problem sets.


Harder than I expected. Mind blowing an amazing in a crazy way :)

8. ilter - Ortalamanın epey üzerinde bir not alan öğrenci:

Hocam bu sefer gerçekten çalışmıştım :(

9. ilter - What about the textbook?

Hello professor. I am taking this course second time, and unfortunately it is very hard for me. I can not attend lessons because at the same time I have class from the third year. And notes weren't enough to clearly understand all topics. I think it would be better to give more information.


It was a strange exam But even that I liked it Mine answers may be wrong or right but it lets me Improuse my brain to think even harder.

Thank you for the lessons

11. ilter - Ortalamanın üzerinde not alan başka bir öğrenci:

You teach us something but in the exams you are asking totally different things. I think it's not a good way for us. This and other exams made me feel bad. I spend many hours but I can't do anything.


I can do it but everything confused. Questions are outline for us, these are not general type of questions in the course a bit hard actually. But your course and teaching style is well. I promise to myself.

I work hard debate and pass the course high grade.


This course is very different for me. Because I learned new things. I solved to learn new different ways. Thank you so much.


Thank you lecturer for all knowledge you headed us, I am sorry for doing my exam this bad even me I was expecting much better. I'll try to not let you down.


Gereksizce zor.


I solve all of the questions in the textbook but these questions very hard compare to them. Also i really curious of the answer of question 3.

Thank you very much for all of you done.

It's a nice year :)



Sorry for not answering most of the questions.


Thank you for all. You are very good teacher. Actually, your lesson is enjoyable but very complex at that time. Your exam is difficult than in the quizes or the other class problem.


Thank you for taking us through this semester, you've challenged us and made us strive more and think outside the box, though am still not good at critical thinking at least I have learnt that is something I have to work thoroughly on, thanks again.


Little bit easier than first exam. Not much :)


Time is passing quickly at exam I hope we can pass too...


Final exam is more easier than midterm exam but I mix subjects.

Thank you.


This exam was easier when we compare with the first one. Thank you.


Professor, why I am not doing these questions, I studied too much I remember methods but I dont understand question and thing that I must do. I know I can do them; but they comes complex, Thats it. Thanks for your lessons and efforts.



I have not a clear idea about passing this course or not, but it's good to meet you, dear lecturer. :)

(I guess I will not be able to pass this year.)

(And I played Eve Online, the game is too complicated for my opinion, but it was awesome. I love Interstellar movie.)

26. ilter - sınavdan 70 puan alan, yazdığı geri bildirimi silen bir öğrenci Not: Silinmiş olsa da okunabiliyor.

Derste çok iyi anlamadığımı düşünüp, sınavda hiç birşey yapamadığım ders. Çok teşekkürler :)

Course Evaluation

Students who could fill-in the course evaluation form, wrote their thoughts such as:

  1. Merhabalar hocam, öncelikle bu tarz bir anket yapmanız gerçekten çok önemli bir hareket ve bu nezaketiniz için teşekkürler. Her ne kadar dersle alakalı olan kısımların çoğuna olumsuz yanıtlar vermiş olsam da.Ama tamamen anonim bir fırsat sunduğunuz için, sınıf ve dersle ilgili görüşlerimi size aktarmak istiyorum.Aslında uzun uzun değerlendirmek istiyorum ama olabildiğince kısa tutmaya çalışacağım. Öğrencilerinize gerçekten değer veriyorsunuz, onları dinlemeniz, dinlerken ki mimikleriniz hal ve hareketleriniz bile bizlere değer verdiğinizi hissettirir nitelikte ki inanın bu bizler için çok önemli.Birçok hocamız dinliyor ya da anlıyor gibi görünse de aklının başka yerlerde olduğunu anlayabiliyoruz. Ders her ne kadar sınıfın büyük çoğunluğunun ilgisini fazla çekmese de sizin samimi tavrınız dersi çekilir kılan bir etkendi.Ne yazık ki derslerde öğrendiğimiz şeylerin yakın arkadaş çevreme, en azından bana bir şey katamadığını söylemek zorundayım. Dersin işleniş şeklinin buna bir etken olduğunu düşünüyorum.Sadece slaytları açtık ve gayet olağan bir şekilde slaytlarda ki konuları işledik. Olağan diyorum çünkü diğer derslerden ve hocalardan da alışık olduğumuz bu tarz zaten.Ama derse girdiğiniz ilk günden itibaren sizden tamamen farklı bir tarz beklediğimi söylemeliyim.En azından iki hafta önce bir arkadaşımızın sınavın zorluğunu vurguladığı konuşmanın üzerine söyledikleriniz farklı bir şeyler yapmaya çalıştığınızı gösteriyordu. Burda gördüğünüz şeyler asıl zor olan değil, hayatınızda bundan daha da zorlarını göreceksiniz demiştiniz ki haklıydınız da ama bunun ölçümü bu derste öğrenip öğrenemediklerimizin değerlendirmesiyle yapılmamalıydı. En azından bunu bize farklı yollarla da gösterebilirdiniz. Tamamen yabancı olduğumuz soruları sınavda çözemeyerek, düşük notlar alarak hayatın ne kadar acımasız olduğunu anlayabiliriz ancak ne kadar zor değil. Bunları söylerken amacım geçme ya da kalma derdi değil, sadece bir şekilde bunları sizle paylaşmak istiyorum. Bunların dışında bizleri ve okulu her açıdan daha iyi yapabilmek için çabalamanız bizleri gerçekten çok sevindirdi. Tüm bunların dışında kişilik olarak herkes sizi seviyor, düşüncelerimizi dinlemeye değer bulduğunuz için bir kez daha teşekkürler.
  2. Actually, I did not like you in the first weeks. You have different style and most students do not like this kind of lecturers as you know. My ideas have changed after a certain time. I have observed that you do not evaluate us with our results. You evaluate us with our approaches. I liked it.
  3. Koca bir dönemi 1 metrekarelik yazı tahtasıyla geçirdiğimiz için üzgünüm, o lanet verimlilikte 20 dk. sonra oksijensiz solunum yapmaya başladığımız için üzgünüm, bu dersi ikinci kez aldığım ve seneye 3.kez alma ihtimalim olduğu için üzgünüm, ikinci dönem bağlantılı dersimiz olduğu için de yine üzgünüm, ben çok üzgünüm, olmasaydı sonumuz böyle
  4. Teşekkürler Hocam , güzel bir yıldı :)
  5. the school should try to allocate different times for students cramming all student in one lecture hall doesnt serve well as crowded classes tend to be chaotic and reduce concentration span of the students
  6. This course definitely improved my critical-thinking and problem solving abilities and it was thanks to the Professor's teaching approach. I personally loved the Professor's way of teaching and approach to motivate us to bring out the best in ourselves. I can strongly relate to the Professor's point of view and I strongly wish I'll have many more classes with this Professor in the future.
  7. Hocam gayet faydalı bir dönemdi. Derslerde soru sayısını arttırmanız öğrenciler adına daha verimli olacaktır. Bu güzel dönem için teşekkür ederiz :)
  8. Our biggest problem is we know how can we solve questions but we can't understand questions so our points lower. If sir ask the questions more clear we can get higher scores


  1. Kökdemir, D. (2000). Üniversite öğrencilerine açık mektup. Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik, 697, 15.