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H. Kemal İlter

Fitness Function Dilemma in the Supply Chain Literature

FF: Fitness function, OF: Objective function.

Fitness Function Differentiation:

  • Is there any difference between various fitness functions which are using in some articles of the SC literature?
  • How many types of fitness functions are using in the SC literature?
  • Is it possible to classify them?
  • If possible, is there any visible boundary in this classification?

Critics on Fitness Functions Differentiation:

  • Are these differences meaningful?
  • Is there any effect on last results because of these differences?
  • Is there any error structure?

Complexity Level of Fitness Functions:

  • Is there any complexity level for different types of fitness functions?
  • Could different levels be defined for the complexity of fitness functions?
  • Are these complexity levels affecting the last results?
  • Is it possible to measure the efficiency of fitness functions?
  • Does efficiency of fitness function mean the complexity level of it?

Supply Chain Approaches and Fitness Functions:

  • Are there any special usage of FFs in different types of SC approach?
  • If there is a unified test bed for all types of FFs, what is the expectation in long term?
  • Is it possible to analyze this testbed results?

Main question:

  • Is it possible to create a unified fitness function for using in all SC literature to measure success of SC generally?
  • Is it possible to use SC ontology structure for this purpose?
  1. Fitness functions comparison
  2. Emphasize key factors
  3. Statistics of factors
  4. How can be used fitness functions in different areas?


Literature Review

Comparison of Fitness Functions

From Dilemma to Paradigm


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