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Me On Your Lyft Side

Yesterday, there was a hope about the life itself,
An opening to your heart, a little wee.
I was willing to be a hero in the palm of your hand,
As an imaginary toy but on your right side.

Today, I know my place, my boundary, my limit,
A discarded half forgot dead corner in your mind.
Still don't understand the sayings even obvious
I wish beg the mercy if my lips aren't sailed.

Tomorrow, it will be flawless for you,
A magnificent azure with a new beginning.
Me, such an idiot, it goes without saying,
I'll always be on your side, lyft side.

Ilter - Montreal 2014

Normal or Abnormal!

Life is a unique experience,
Whatever we suppose to get from it.
We, as human, desire some tolerance,
And need a break or breath little bit.

We can be normal sometimes as a coincidence,
But, 'being abnormal always' is a myth.
No matter what you say about the existence,
Your heart will be the actual truth as a gift.

Ilter - Montreal 2013

Yes or No?

Whom carry beautiful soul that my hearth is burning for,
Am so stupid to expect a yes from you,
So naive to understand an answer no!
Supposed to be together forever, my shame.
Please don't think what say thou shelt,
Just tell an accursed no to devil or
Awesome yes to your beloved one.

Ilter - Montreal 2013

Exit to the New Year

I want to say "Happy new year to all" without any delay,
I hope everything will be superb for you next year with your family, husband or wife.
We have a little time period to the end of our play
In other words "the exit", leaving theater stage of life.

You will salute audience just before leaving with applauds,
This is one of your alternatives to exit,
Or you will feel your shame just before leaving with insults,
Is the second one that you can choose, as a puppet.

I hope you can able to pick your theme
For the rest of your life if you are lucky.
Some people have already choosen their way by the second, they are wandering with scream.
They messed things up and ruin their lives, it seems very crappy.

If you have a chance to choose your way, just do it,
Play your role perfectly, in outstanding way of your realization.
Don't take your life seriously, don't squeeze it like a zit,
That's the secret. With a glass of wine for your beautification.

Ilter - Ankara 2011


Haydi Abbas, vakit tamam;
Akşam diyordun işte oldu akşam.
Kur bakalım çilingir soframızı;
Dinsin artık bu kalb ağrısı.
Şu ağacın gölgesinde olsun;
Tam kenarında havuzun.
Aya haber sal çıksın bu gece;
Görünsün şöyle gönlümce.
Bas kırbacı sihirli seccadeye,
Göster hükmettiğini mesafeye
Ve zamana.
Katıp tozu dumana,
Var git,
Böyle ferman etti Cahit,
Al getir ilk sevgiliyi Beşiktaş'tan;
Yaşamak istiyorum gençliğimi yeni baştan.

Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı


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