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H. Kemal Ilter, BEng, MBA, PhD
Senior Member of the ACM

"Many of the views which have been advanced are highly speculative, and some no doubt will prove erroneous, but I have in every case given the reasons which have led me to one view rather than another."

— Charles Darwin[1] [2].


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Choosing Paper Type
Guidelines for a master's thesis proposal
Notes on the PhD degree
Monodisciplinary vs Pluridisciplinary Research
Typical outline of a research paper
What is a reaction paper?
Anket Çalışmalarıyla Bilim Yapmak
Bilimsel Çalışmalar Nasıl Okunur?

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Human Evolution
The importance of stupidity in scientific research by M. A. Schwartz
Nature Beats Nurture by N. B. Tenker
Programming Paradigms for Dummies by P. Van Roy
Thoughts on the Time
What is Life? by E. Schrödinger
Bilgeliğe Giden Yol Mideden Geçer mi?
Bilgi Üzerine Notlar
Bilişim Toplumuna Evrilmek Üzerine Düşünceler



Oculus Supra

A high level scientific viewpoint which includes weird, absurd, unusual but well-focused works/subjects from mad scientists' dedicated efforts.


Fitness Landscape

A evolutionary perspective which is used to visualize the relationship between genotypes and reproductive success in evolutionary biology.



A web blog about my daily activities, nothing more.



theguardian | Science

theguardian | Higher Education Network


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  1. The Descent of Man, 1871. You can read Wallace's review of the book.
  2. Salute to Charles Darwin. Also you should read the Origin of Species, 1872.
  3. Citations and references of this website are in ACM Reference Format.
  4. If you are interesting in one of my projects please send a message to