Personal Research Workflow

Preparing a Working Environment

  • Create a folder in Google Drive to synchronize between devices.
  • Create a .md file in this folder.
  • Copy research.css file to this folder. It will be used for Markdown preview.
  • Create a .bib file for citations.
  • Create a .csl file to format references.
  • Create an img folder to put related images in it.
  • Create a for meta data.



  • Add references to Mendeley.
  • Export references from Mendeley Desktop to a .bib file.
  • Edit .bib file with [BibDesk][8].
  • Use a CSL file to furnish. View its Git repository for that.

Creating/Inserting Images and Graphics

  • Use Adobe Indesign to create SVG.
  • Add SVG files to a online folder.
  • Link SVG files to Markdown.

Creating/Inserting Tables

  • Create tables in Markdown.
  • Create complex tables as SVG and push them to the online folder.

Creating/Inserting Formulas

  • Create formulas in LaTex.
  • Embed formulas in Markdown as LaTex.


pandoc -o research.pdf --bibliography research.bib

  • Use Pandoc to create HTML and PDF.
  • Publish HTML to the website.
  • Send PDF to several social media.