Current Courses



Forecasting: Principles and Practice, R. J. Hyndman and G. Athanasopoulos

Handbook of Statistical Methods, NIST/SEMATECH

Rossiter, D. G.'s must-read book: Research Concepts & Skills[1]

Volume 1: Concepts
Volume 2: Skills
Volume 3: The UT/ITC thesis process

Gordon B. Davis's must-read article: Information Systems Conceptual Foundations: Looking Backward and Forward

Facts and Figures

Total number of students = ~10,000 [2]
Average evaluation score for last 20 years = 4.3/5
Coffee consumed over 20 years = ~292 kg.

Past Courses

Domain [3] Course Level Year # [4] Institution [5]
IS MAN609 Information Technologies and Management Doctorate 2012 1 AYBU
IS MIS517 Information Systems Case Studies Master's 2015 1 AYBU
IS YBS505 Database Management Master's 2015 1 AYBU
IS ISI560 Management Information Systems Master's 2011-2013 2 AYBU
OR/MS ISLE542 Quantitative Methods Master's 2000-2011 22 BU
POM ISL541 Production Planning and Operations Management Master's 2006-2010 4 ETU
POM ISLE551 Production/Operations Management Master's 2002 1 BU
IS ISLE546 Management Information Systems Master's 2003 1 BU
OR/MS MIS209 Introduction to Management Science Undergraduate 2015 1 AYBU
OR/MS ISLE246 Management Science I Undergraduate 2000-2011 16 BU
IS ISLE441 Management Information Systems Undergraduate 2000-2011 13 BU
OR/MS ISLE347 Management Science II Undergraduate 2000-2011 5 BU
IS YBS411 Management Informations Systems Undergraduate 2009-2010 2 BU
IS ISLE454 E-Commerce Undergraduate 2005-2011 6 BU
IS TBF371 E-Business Undergraduate 2009 1 BU
IS Introduction to Computer Undergraduate 2000 1 BU
IS Desktop Publishing Undergraduate 1995 1 GU
IS IS101 Applied E-Commerce Certificate Program 2006-2013 5 ETU
POM POM101 Operations Management Certificate Program 2006-2013 8 ETU
POM POM102 Applied Project Management with MS Project Certificate Program 2009-2013 4 ETU
IS Introduction to Computer Certificate Program 1996-2000 18 GU


  1. Copyright © 2009–2014 University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-information Science & Earth Observation (ITC) All rights reserved. Reproduction and dissemination of the work as a whole (not parts) freely permitted if this original copyright notice is included. Sale or placement on a web site where payment must be made to access this document is strictly prohibited. To adapt or translate please contact the author (http://www.itc.nl/personal/rossiter).
  2. Except short courses, seminars, certificate programs, professional lectures
  3. IS: Information Systems, OR/MS: Operations Research and Management Science, POM: Production and Operations Management
  4. Number of semesters.
  5. AYBU: Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, BU: Başkent University, ETU: TOBB University of Economics and Technology, GU: Gazi University