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Weird Ideas

Fitness. Company's gravitational field, Gravitational technology field

POM - Production/Operations Management. Supply Chain Model for Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study, Development of the Unified Supply Chain Management Ontology, Perspectives of Complexity on Supply Chain Management, Multi-Agent Systems in Supply Chain Management, Anatomy of the Supply Chain Complexity, Effects of World Class Manufacturing Applications on the Firm Performance

IS/IT - Information Systems/Information Technologies. Lack of E-Business Education in Developing Countries, Absolute Miss the World or What?, Information Landscapes, Global cost of information resources and computational waste OR Waste of computing resources, Not about technology, it's culture: A critical view of information systems, Intelligent Agent is Better Than Man: An Evolutionary Point of View

Others. Structured Knowledge Representation (Intelligent Systems: Reasoning and Recognition)[1], Computational Thinking, A Macro-Institutional Perspective on Supply Chain Environmental Complexity, Multiple Fitness Peaks and Epistatis, The organizational fit of information systems, A brief introduction to Swarm Intelligence

Sci-Fi. High-End Product Tracing/Tracking Systems: A New Kind of Material: Tracking/Tracing possibilities of a product in micro level, Fifth State of the Matter-Informational State: The state that contains -ontological?- information about the product (the matter) itself, KEZON: First Man-Made Composite Particle

Latest. Blackboxing, Algorithmic Bias



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